1. My beautiful, one-of-a-kind, forever inspiring father, Sheldon Meaker. 

  2. Sheldon “Kip” Claremore Meaker 

  3. Savannah Meaker 

  4. Botero painting shot at my first Basel experience, 2010 

  5. itwillbeancient:

    Images are from the new and ongoing series entitled Dreams of Arthur and Gilbert.

    Using lens-based media, artist Abbey Meaker produces photographs, installations, and experimental films that investigate the art historical process of creating images within a theoretic context.

    Meaker appropriates and existing imagery: botanical woodblock prints, Japanese Shunga engravings, film stills, erotica, religious iconography, and depictions of so-called ‘primitive cultures’ to reveal the persistent and dynamic representations of ‘others’ within a continually evolving visual culture.

    Meaker’s choice and treatment of materials are bound in layers of psychoanalytic theory and art historical reference. Her mergers of archetype, imagery, and metaphors are adventurous and sometimes perverse.

    Dreux Moreland writes, “There is a scene in Chris Marker’s 1962 film, La Jetee, the only image composed in celluloid, in which a woman, after a remarkable dissection of cross-dissolves, suddenly comes alive: staring into the hollow face of the 16mm camera, the future of love blinks her eyes. After twenty minutes of still photographs and auditory association, the moment is nothing short of revelation. Abbey Meaker’s photographic work is an evocative touchstone of the same variety.”

    (Source: itwillbeancient)

  9. Amanda and Ryan 

  10. From the archives

  11. From the archives 

  12. blurry self portrait 

  13. Marigold

  14. film still

  15. film still