1. Guitar hero II

  2. Guitar hero III

  3. Guitar hero I

  6. Tiki Pirie

  7. Savannah Harrington Meaker

  8. Walter and Tiki 


  12. Abbey Meaker’s soft pastel-like photographs are composed of classical portraits of nuns that the artist culled while researching the Catholic orphanage where her family members, Arthur and Gilbert, resided in the 1930s. Meaker has projected, recomposed, blurred, and rephotographed these traditional portraits to reappropriate ideas regarding the isolated/insulated lives of religious communities of women.  

    Dreams of Arthur and Gilbert will be on view at the Living/Learning Center Gallery at the University of Vermont from September 2 - September 26, with an opening reception beginning at 5:30pm on Thursday, September 4. 

  13. From the ‘Axeman’ Series; Courtesy Bill Kinzie 

  14. My beautiful, one-of-a-kind, forever inspiring father, Sheldon Meaker. 

  15. Sheldon “Kip” Claremore Meaker