2. I can’t imagine the ease of grieving.  It must be a calm place, albeit dark, where one can miss, reminisce.  In this place, she does not have to pause violent jolts of agony to coordinate the logistical realities of death: the packing and moving of belongings where the scent of your precious clings, arranging the disposing of the body - the fleshy vessel you knew like your own - the closing of accounts, the taking of incessant phone calls. What I’d give to sit to lie to pull myself around as if in quicksand and imagine your eyes, your voice, and all the ways in which you made my life poetic. 

  6. from the series Stagedness 

  7. first day back self-portrait 

  8. Guitar hero II

  9. Guitar hero III

  10. Guitar hero I

  13. Tiki Pirie

  14. Savannah Harrington Meaker

  15. Walter and Tiki